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Sergio Tegani, already a poet under the age of 18, received the following letter: “Dear Sergio, ... omitted ... Many greetings. God keep your love for poetry, which is such a great help to live. Diego Valeri. Venice, 9. IX. 1963. "

In February 1979, Edizioni Venete of Abano Terme printed the booklet of poems alba nuova, strongly desired by the artist painter Giancarlo Michelini of Polesella, in the province of Rovigo, a very close friend of Tegani. The Paduan art group "Formica Nera", of which Tegani was a part, presented the poet by reciting some poems contained in the new dawn, in the small room of the Pedrocchi café in Padua, filled with over three hundred cheering people, in 1979.

In the same year, 1979, in Civitavecchia, on 22 September, he was awarded the first absolute "Martin Luther King" prize for poetry. Member of the Lega Nord political party, in 1998 he participated in the first biennial of Padana art at the Brera site (Milan), where the head of the Northern League, as well as senator of the Italian Republic, Umberto Bossi, was portrayed in front of the work Libertà tra the bars, together with the Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti. Another work by Tegani was exhibited in Brera: Air of freedom, although the exhibitor covered his true identity with the pseudonym Ser Niga Tegio.

In 1999 he became friends with Gilberto Buson, one of the eight serenissimi who attacked the bell tower of San Marco in Venice as a protest, in their opinion, against the oppression of the Italian state in Veneto. In aid of Gilberto, under house arrest and on trial, in May 1999, Tegani organized a personal painting exhibition for him in the beautiful city of Marostica (Vicenza), with enormous success with the public, with the interest of the secret services and satisfaction of Gilberto. who had family to support. The exhibition of his paintings, organized by Tegani, given that Mr.Gilberto Buson was not and did not want to become a thief, not even out of necessity linked to his own survival and that of his family, gave him great satisfaction, also from an economic point of view. .

On July 8, 1999, without medical reasons, Tegani was locked up in an asylum. Of that day and the following, he tells and documents his ignominy, with the book judges and psychiatrists - CREATORS OF MIRACLES, presented with the introduction to the first edition, in February 2006, by the Italian doctor and psychoanalyst Giorgio Antonucci, who obtained recognition from part of the CCHR - Citizens' Committee for Human Rights - with headquarters in Los Angeles (U.S.A.), and is a world-renowned doctor.

In July 1999, President Callegarin of the Treviso Court pronounced: “P.Q.M. Having regard to art. 35 L 833/78, cancels the 08/07/1999 provision of the mayor of the Municipality of Fonte (TV) - (Mr. ARMANDO GAZZOLA) - validated on 10/07/1999 by the Tutelary Judge (Dr. DANIELA RONZANI), with whom the T.S.O. (Mandatory Health Treatment) charged to Tegani Sergio. Treviso, 21/06/2000 - THE PRESIDENT (signature of Dr. Callegarin, followed by other signatures of judicial authorities.) ".

Ironically, from 7 April to 8 May 2015, Tegani was hospitalized in the same health facility that "abused" him, undergoing two surgeries on his stomach and liver. In this case, Tegani claims to have found himself among doctors and staff who are entirely commendable. His daughters Isabella and Sabrina also did their utmost to assist an old, battered and grumpy bear, with the excuse that he was their father, whom they loved.

For this recent hospital affair, Mr. Sergio Tegani presented a modest thanks in the press in the Veneto newspaper "IL GAZZETTINO", who kindly welcomed his letter reproduced on the following page:

If you want to know aspects of the life lived by Sergio Tegani, read his writings.

A book is a valid help for the reader to avoid, in his own life, the repetition of unpleasant situations and experiences that, if possible, it is better not to do, trusting those who have already had them.

Sergio Tegani is able to offer the reader the opportunity to actively collaborate with friends and relatives, spreading the work with an economic advantage, considering that on this earth to live it is NECESSARY TO WORK when there is no vocation to STEAL!

With the sun, with the rain, with the light, with the dark, with the heat, with the cold, with the scent, with the stench, you are not here by chance or to do anything!

You are a Man in the consortium of men and you must behave so that the Universe is populated with you, little big man!

In the consortium where the scoundrels of the human species are admitted you must respect them, at least as much as they do not respect you.

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