the hot air generator

Direct successor of GR2000 by the Russo company, FIAMMIFERO is a hot air generator that works in combination with blown air burners and / or in any case suitable, it can be used with all fire generator systems for domestic uses such as:

  • open flame fireplaces

  • barbecue for cooking food on the grill

  • stoves for cooking in pots and / or heating, also collecting the cooking vapors in the FIAMMIFERO

  • hood which must be expelled with the fumes produced by internal combustion in the MATCH itself

  • wood and / or coal boilers

  • oil or gas boilers

These systems can be fed with all types of fuel, liquid, gaseous or solid such as:

  • diesel fuel

  • naphtha

  • propane gas

  • methane gas

  • wood pressed sawdust, logs, pellets, etc.

  • charcoal in pieces, in briquettes, etc.

  • droppings, sawdust that constitutes the "bed" in the "ground" farms of chickens and similar animals, mixed with the excrements of the animals themselves

Fiammifero can be protected with the following industrial patents, which are able to achieve worldwide:

  1. a new grille;

  2. ash extraction system;

  3. new hob;

  4. type of heat distribution also with ventilated hot air;

  5. innovative production of domestic hot water.

Here a slightly different combustion takes place, in fact heat is produced with a kind of violet-blue flame. Fiammifero can be built and sold functioning in small and / or large series even through supermarkets, in models that can be updated with a few simple tools supplied, to produce up to 18,000. Kcal / hour yields. The production cost is negligible, compared to what the market offers today.