Patent for hygiene and health protection


The monkeys groom themselves. And U.S? Most of us do not have fleas but we have many other health "enemies" such as, for example, bacteria, viruses, and so on. Does it seem little to you? And these cannot be "combed"!

The use of silver in antiquity

The ancient Romans knew the antibacterial power of pure silver, so much so that they used it for its antibacterial power and did not go to war until the army was guaranteed a quantity of silver to dip into each skin they carried with them, containing water to drink for the animals and for the soldiers and so not to be forced to drink from the pools of water that they encountered in their march and that the enemy could poison. They knew the fact that, treated in this way, the water did not rot and remained intact longer than any other treatment known at the time. In a nutshell, they knew the antibacterial effect of silver which caused all bacteria to die indiscriminately. The water containing the pure silver remained intact longer.

Little experiment

If you have a piece of pure silver at 999.9 ‰, you can get a visual proof of its effectiveness, proceeding with the following experiment: take two identical glasses and fill them with water drawn from the same source or from the same tap close to each other to have a visual check of both at any time only in a glass immerse the pure silver after a few days or weeks, depending on the temperature, the air and other environmental factors, in the water of the silver-free glass, they will begin to form greenish algae while, in the glass with silver, the water will continue to be visually clean, as it was since the beginning of your experiment. If the experiment does not work as I have described it, it may be that you have been bugged by giving you silver that is not of the required purity. Try again with the right silver and you will discover why the Romans of ancient Rome gave a fair value to this truly precious metal.

The definitive solution

From the need to safeguard our health and thus taking a cue from the ancient Romans, the idea was born: an antibacterial sanitary disk composed of pure 999.9 ‰ silver, laminated on copper, patented for hygiene and health protection.

The antibacterial property of pure silver makes it perfect for disinfecting any object, store the disk inside your coin holder or glasses case.

Another very useful property of silver is to eliminate bad smells, insert the disk inside your shoes, on the shelves of the refrigerator or shoe cabinet.

It can be used in water to drastically reduce the bacterial load and to be able to immerse, for example, the toothbrush, dentures, in order to prolong the life of cut flowers or simply to generate silver ions capable of giving the water disinfectant and therefore excellent against insect bites, cuts, skin irritations, etc ...

How much does it cost

Thanks to my friend Giovanni who introduced a method of processing and producing quicksilver, that is pure, on an equally pure copper plate, which goes far beyond "Old Sheffield" silver, we were able to produce pure silver plates, technically workable at low prices. So don't be afraid ... you can take home an antibacterial sanitary silver disk for only € 9.90!